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Beet Detroit Dark Red Seeds
This dark red, globe shaped beet is heat tolerant and disease resistant. The roots are sweet and the attractive red-tinged tops are flavorful and nutritious.

Harvest in 60 Days

WT 4.5 G

$ 1.69

Cabbage Golden Acre Seeds
This popular, early variety is ideal for spring planting. Plants are resistant to “aster yellows,” a common cabbage disease. Golden Acre produces very sweet, medium-size heads weighing 3 to 5 pounds.

Harvest in 65 Days.

WT 1 G

$ 1.69

Cabbage Red Acre Seeds
One of the best red-purple cabbages. Produces 4lb. small, round, solid heads. Good wrapper leaves, excellent boiled or pickled. Use fresh in salads. Pick when heads become solid, cutting just below the leaves.

Harvest in 76 Days

Wt. 1.5 G.

$ 1.69

Bush Bean Dixie Speckled Butterpea Lima Seeds
Southern adapted sets well in hot weather, very productive under hot, dry conditions. Vigorous, bushy 18-24" medium dark green plants, good in drought areas, each pod produces 3-4 nearly round brownish-red lima beans speckled with dark brown, excellent flavor.

Harvest in 70 days.

Wt. 14 G.

$ 1.69

Carrot Red Cored Chanlenay Seeds
Rich color and sweet, crunchy, thick flesh make this an ideal home garden carrot. About 5 1/2 inches long when mature. Performs well in heavy soils. Will plant a 33 foot row.

Harvest in 70 Days.

WT 2 G

$ 1.69

Bush Bean Blue Lake 274 Seeds
Vigorous, many-branched bush plants produce heavy yields of pods. Flavor of these 6 1/2 inch round pods is excellent. Disease resistant. High in vitamins. Plant approximately an 18 foot row.

Harvest in 55 Days

WT 28 MG

$ 1.69